1. n
1) перевозка грузов
2) фрахт, плата за перевозку
3) фрахт, груз

- additional freight
- ad valorem freight
- advance freight
- air freight
- back freight
- base freight
- bulk freight
- carload freight
- cartonised freight
- chance freight
- charter freight
- commercial freight
- container freight
- containerized freight
- contract freight
- conventional freight
- cross freight
- dead freight
- directed freight
- distance freight
- double freight
- export freight
- express freight
- fast freight
- forward freight
- fragile freight
- gross freight
- home freight
- homebound freight
- homeward freight
- import freight
- inland freight
- in-transit freight
- less-than-carload freight
- long-distance freight
- lost freight
- lump-sum freight
- missing freight
- mixed freight
- motor freight
- nondelivered freight
- ocean freight
- ordinary freight
- original freight
- out-and-home freight
- outbound freight
- outgoing freight
- outward freight
- package freight
- packaged freight
- palletised freight
- perishable freight
- phantom freight
- priority freight
- pro rata freight
- return freight
- revenue freight
- river freight
- sea freight
- shipping freight
- short-distance freight
- slow freight
- small freight
- small-size freight
- through freight
- time freight
- tramp freight
- unclaimed freight
- undeclared freight
- unitized freight
- freight per rail car
- freight within loading gauge
- freight both ways
- freight collect
- freight forward
- freight paid to
- freight prepaid
- earn freight
- handle freight
- increase freight
- incur freight
- let to freight
- pay freight
- receive freight
- take in freight
2. v
1) грузить
2) фрахтовать

English-russian dctionary of contemporary Economics. 2014.

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